Last week, made a big announcement that could be a game changer for Penn State’s many Information Technology (IT) professionals. The service offers an extensive (and we mean extensive) library of video tutorials on software topics, business skills, and much more. However, on October 20, this tutorial guru released a brand new IT training category featuring more than a hundred courses aimed at helping businesses and individuals stay current on critical IT skills.

Like all of’s tutorials, these courses are taught by expert instructors. Not to mention, with courses on topics including hardware infrastructure, network administration, business intelligence, content management, help desks, and big data we hope that it adds up to every architect’s professional-development dream.

However, if that’s not enough to get you excited about what now has to offer for IT professionals, check out what they wrote in their October 20th press release:

“”The growth of our technology library means limitless training possibilities for both individuals and organizations of all sizes,” said Doug Winnie, director of technology content at “For organizations such as small and mid-size businesses, who are typically challenged with limited IT budgets, the IT category at provides an affordable resource they can use to become proficient in the latest business technologies.”

With a subscription to, members have access to a comprehensive collection of more than 3,000 courses featuring 150,000 video tutorials teaching business, creative and technical skills. This expansion of the library focuses on:

  • Fundamental IT infrastructure for small and medium sized businesses
    Providing IT services for any size business has shifted from deploying internal servers and systems to working with cloud-based services or public infrastructure. Courses cover how to work with existing private infrastructure as well as how to deploy service-based architectures for businesses or projects. has also added introductory coverage of IT topics like hardware infrastructure, networking and security.
  • Enterprise content management systems
    Share information smoothly among teams with the help of’s expanded SharePoint courses for super-users, administrators and designers, and training on popular hosted services like and Dropbox.
  • Data science
    The need for data analytics for business insight is growing. We have your training needs covered from simply learning to get more out of Excel to learning how to create beautiful visualizations with data or going deep into code with analytical languages. is publishing everything a small business would need from Excel and SQL to Power BI for Office 365 to new tools like Tableau and Qlikview, as well as languages like R and SPSS.”

So what are you waiting for? Log in to for Penn State at and then visit to get started with this better-than-ever IT professional resource!

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