lyndaCampus at Penn State

On November 2, 2011, Penn State upgraded to lyndaCampus, part of Watch this video for an introduction:

In addition to unlimited access to the library of training videos, lyndaCampus offers these additional benefits:

  • Individual profiles
  • Bookmark your favorite courses, tutorials, and specific points within movies
  • Certificates of completion when you complete a course
  • Personal training history, including course history, movie history, and recent activity reports

Note: To access lyndaCampus as a Penn State faculty, staff, or student, you must log in at Please ignore any other listed login methods in any videos.


Individual Profiles

When you initially sign into lyndaCampus as a Penn State student, faculty or staff member at, you must add your first and last name to your personal profile if you wish to receive certificates of completion. You do not need to add your email address unless you plan on accessing at a later date with a non-PSU membership. Please note that your information will not be shared with anyone.



You can set a bookmark for any tutorial, then return to that exact spot at a later time.

Contains a list of bookmarks one can click on to return to particular lesson.

See the bookmarks tutorial for more information.


Certificates of Completion

When you finish a course by watching every tutorial in the course, you can receive a certificate of completion.

A certificate of completion that contains the name of the individual, the course completed, and the date completed.

In addition to printing the certificate you can email or embed your certificate in a blog post or web page. These are the best ways to ensure authenticity of the certificate.

See the certificates tutorial for more information.


Your Training History

You have access to several reports under the My Training menu, including recent activity, your movie history, and your course history.

A list of tutorials you have taken.

See the bookmarks training history tutorial for more information.

Other lyndaCampus Information

To maximize your lyndaCampus experience, see this list of short video tutorials.


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